Download tweakware v3.6 and enjoy free 1.2gb with etisalat

latest Tweakware  v3.6 is the new deal, the newly update version of the vpn offer over 1.2gb free data as against 200mb on previous version of the software, well what brought about this kind gesture is known only to cast

however you can still use this latest tweakware 3.6 with etisalat o.ok free browsing cheat.

If you recall, we published how you can bypass the 200mb daily limit of the vpn, but am afraid with the latest tweakware v3.6, it might not really be necessary anymore,

unless you the type that doesn’t get tired until you download the whole of Africa, however the procedure still works fine.

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It may interest you to know that the latest tweakware v3.6 comes with S.A Mtn Chat Cheat For south Africa, which means users of MTN South Africa can also join in the struggle for free browsing

however we ain’t sure if there’s anything for MTN Nigeria, so we both need o chill, fold our hands and watch.

tweakware v3.6

Why the need for vpn?? why use one?? Well aside from this part of the world that we mostly use vpn for free browsing only, VPS are very essential to Protect your internet or IP when using public hotspots or wifi or even local ISP, like every other vpn, you can also use tweakware 3.6 to bypass firewall and page blocks.

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How then can it be used for etisalat free browsing, well without any further delay, shall we take a quick look at how to use the latest tweakware vpn for etisalat or glo free browsing

I however must state, we don’t know if that of glo is working, but there’s no crime in trying.

How to use Tweakware V3.6 for etisalat and glo free browsing

  • Download the app from the link below
  • Install and launch the tweakware vpn
  • Tap on settings at the upper left of the app
  • Tap on Bundle settings
  • Tick “Use bundle settings ” box
  • Click select bundle and select either glo 0.0k or etisalat 0.0k
  • Go back and select free server, then connect.

There you go, enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends, you can as well drop your feedback via the comment section and we will get back to you.

Download tweakware 3.6 here

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