Telsa solar roof tiles unveiled by the company chief executive, Elon Musk

The latest Telsa solar roof tiles further proves that technology has taken an all advanced turn and of course unless we’re to deceive ourselves, sincerely the future is already here, if you recalled we publish an article about one of Toyota latest Hydrogen powered bus that is said to be available for purchase next year, that alone can work as an emergency generators when need arise

Away from the hydrogen powered bus, Tesla Chief executive, Elon Musk has unveiled the company latest Telsa solar roof tiles that is set to meet the energy need of several homes, the company which not quite long ago introduced its self driving car that was said to have drove its way from home to work all by itself seems not to be given up any time soon on tech

The Telsa solar roof tiles is available in four different styles made public by the company during an event that saw to the introduction of the solar roof tiles, the four different styles includes  the “Textured Glass Tile,” “Slate Glass Tile,” “Tuscan Glass Tile, and “Smooth Glass Tile.” each sporting a very beautifully done design but looks a bit alike

solar roof tiles by telsa

Surprisingly, the current versions of the Telsa solar roof tiles have a two percent loss on efficiency, meaning you can only get about 98 percent of what you’d normally achieve from any commonly used solar panel, according to Elon Musk.

However the company says its working on achieving a 3M improvement on coatings that may possibly improve the current efficiency of the solar roof, since it could store the light within, allowing it to circulate around resulting to less energy loss before it’s fully released

Although the company refused giving a specific price the tiles solar roof might retail, it however reiterated that the company’s roof will cost less when compared to the cost of a roof and electricity combined, Musk said

Interestingly, the solar roof tiles are expected to start installations come next year, and Tesla plans to start with one or two of its four tile options, thereby expanding over time so users can get to enjoy their service, on the other hand the roofing tiles seems a bit transparent adding more aesthetic to your home unlike the usual solar panel used in most homes

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