Etisalat 4G Network Goes Live In Nigeria : See speed test

The Arab telecom company finally launched her etisalat 4G service in Nigeria joining the league of 4G enabled service provider in the country following the recent introduction of the 4G service in Nigeria by various telecom service

Which is another step in the right direction,  before now most networks in Nigeria has been operating on 3G service which is a bit fair, considering many are not used to the new service .

What makes etisalat 4G in Nigeria different from others??

Well, unlike what the other network provider unveiled to us which requires you swapping your current sim for a new one with 4G enable or by simply getting a new 4G sim before you be able to enjoy the service

Etisalat 4G on the other hand works on all customers sim provided you have a phone that’s 4G enabled, this will no doubt score the company above its competitors

How to check if your phone supports etisalat 4G

Just as we have rightly stated above, you do not need to swap your sim for a new one, all you need is a 4G enabled smartphone and you are good to flex the 4G service in Nigeria How then can you check to confirm if your smartphone supports 4G

well all you need do is go to your phone settings, click on more under Wireless & Network, then click on Cellular networks or Phone networks ( the name varies from phone to phone )

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Now click on preferred network type and select 4G only or Lte only, you should see your network changed almost immediately

Where is etisalat 4G service in Nigeria?

Well you might seems a bit discourage, but hey don’t be, as usual one of the first cities in Nigeria to always get the fun as the 4G service live, which include Lagos, Abuja, PH, among few others

etisalat 4g speed test

Is etisalat 4G the fastest?

Well we may not be able to give a definite ans to that, but if we are to consider their current 3G service in the country, you will agree with me that etisalat is no doubt one of the fastest in the country

That being said, we cant rule out the likes of Smile 4G among several others, but then you can check out etisalat 4G speed test result

etisalat 4G speed test result

As seen in the image above, the network boast of 25/Mbps which you need not to be told how effective that can be below network in Nigeria will no doubt live to its expectation

If the service is yet to be live in you location, well chill sooner than expected etisalat 4G  Nigeria will hit your city, you can however check out Glo 4G data plan, the cheapest in the Country.

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