How To Get Free Airtel 5GB with IMEI Tweaking on Android

Today we’ll be dishing out how to get free airtel 5gb with imei tweaking on android. Well you may have came across something of such on other blogs but ours is different

We wont just be providing you with how to get free airtel 5gb with imei tweaking alone but we also will provide you with valid list of free imei for airtel 5gb tweak, so all you need do is relax get your smartphone ready and read through.

What you need to know about airtel free 5gb imei tweaking

  • The airtel free 5gb imei tweaking can be used on any Android devices
  • Once you have been offered your free 5gb of data it can be used on PC
  • You can as well use your free 5gb on any devices of your chosen
  • Likewise it can be shared with other devices WiFi Hotspot
  • No speed throttling, what you see is what you get
  • No need for any VPN before it can used
  • The validity period is one month (30 days)
  • It’s a normal data.

That being said, you should notice that the most important of it all is for you to get yourself the free gb and of course that is the purpose of this article as it set to teach you how to get free airtel 5gb with imei tweaking on your android

However you need to know that getting a valid imei is another point you need to take note, as you wont be gifted he free 5gb if someone had already used the same imei you are trying to tweak and of course tweaking your android imei most times can be a little difficult but we’ll try our possible best to explain this in its simplest form

How to get free airtel 5gb with imei tweaking on android

First and foremost you need to know how you can change your android phone imei, since we have written on that before you can check above link or if your smartphone runs on android 6.0 then see how to change android 6.0 marshmallow imei , we however advice you trend carefully

  • Now that we have solved the main issue, the next thing is to get yourself an airtel sim
  • Thereafter tweak this imei below 861143032390649. ensure you change the last 5 or 4 numbers
  • Then Send the imei you have tweaked to 232 as an SMS E.g 861143032399041 to 232 and you should receive a Success Message if not you may need to tweak another IMEI
  • After successful tweaking send JOIN to 141 and you will receive your free airtel 5gb

how to get airtel free 5gb with imei tweaking

But in situations where by the message you got reads ; You are not qualified for join the smartphone offer, this means the imei you tried has been used by someone smarter than yourself, so you need to try another. you may try any of the listed below free imei for airtel free 5gb

valid list of free imei for airtel 5gb tweak

  • 861143032390053
  • 861143032390682
  • 861143032390902
  • 861143032391167
  • 861143032399032
  • 861143032398765
  • 861143032390876
  • 861143032390096
  • 861143032390211
  • 861143032390649
  • 861143032398854
  • 861143032390213
  • 861143032391111
  • 861143032398903
  • 861143032390674
  • 861143032390888
  • 861143032390255
  • 861143032390202
  • 861143032390922
  • 861143032390122
  • 861143032390902
  • 861143032390808
  • 861143032390776
  • 861143032390833
  • 861143032390228
  • 861143032390009
  • 861143032390888
  • 861143032390834
  • 861143032390832
  • 861143032390323
  • 861143032390820
  • 861143032390773
  • 861143032390505
  • 861143032390444
  • 861143032390700
  • 861143032390442
  • 861143032390362
  • 861143032390752
  • 861143032390906
  • 861143032390972
  • 861143032390884
  • 861143032390223
  • 861143032390876
  • 861143032390335
  • 861143032390991
  • 861143032390630
  • 861143032390839
  • 861143032390649
  • 861143032390289

There you go, remember you need to try any of the imei above who knows you just might be lucky enough to get more than 5gb… don’t forget to share this post!

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