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In what seems to be impossible, finally the Google Pixel Camera app ( Google Camera v4.2 ) has been successfully ported to work on Google Nexus Android 7.0 smartphones. You would recall the latest Google smartphone Pixel & Pixel XL were reported to come with the best Camera

Though the two device ( Google Pixel & Pixel XL ) are expected to make their way to the smartphone market anytime from next week, unless of course you reside in Australia where it has been reported that the device are currently rocking the smartphone market

Thanks to the team at xda-developers, who deemed it fit to have ported Google Pixel Camera app ( Google Camera v4.2 ) to work for some older Nexus smartphones as well as tablets, if not for them we may have to wait a little longer to have a feel of what the Pixel camera beholds, you can however check below for the download link

Google pixel camera app

Credits : liliputing

The team did a great job ensuring the Google Pixel Camera app works on Android 7.0 devices despite the fact that the Pixel Camera app only supports Android 7.1 and of course if you haven’t forgotten, Google latest Pixel smartphones are as at now the only devices currently running on Android 7.1

Although the Pixel Camera application is almost similar with the original Google Camera on most smartphones and however the Pixel Camera app comes with some other added features which are not present on Google Camera

Major features On Google Pixel Camera App lacking on Google Camera app

  • The camera features an exposure slider that pops-up when you tap the screen to focus
  • It also comes with a tap-and-hold option to lock focus and exposure
  • Likewise the latest camera app features a new grid view for frame shots

That being said, it may interest you to note that the ported Google Camera v4.2 only works on Nexus devices that runs on 64-bit ARM processors for now, in other words you may need any of Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P smartphone or either Nexus 9 or Pixel C tablet in other to use the ported version of the camera app

Where to download the ported version of Google Camera v4.2

We promised to give you the download link, so here it is : you can download it here all credits to XDA-Labs for the wonderful work!

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