Google Pixel & Pixel XL Now Available for Purchase Online

Good news as Google latest smartphones Google Pixel & Pixel XL becomes available for purchase online, recalled sometimes last month we informed you the latest flagship device from Google would be up for purchase this month

The two devices were officially launched on 4th of Oct has since then receives various applause from tech lovers around the world, well you do not have to wait any longer as your favorite Google Pixel and Pixel XL can both be purchase from online Google retail store

Prior to the launch of the two device ( Google Pixel and Pixel XL ) developers at XDA Labs had ported the device camera app ( Google Camera v4.2 ) to work for some older Nexus smartphones as well as tablets in as much as it run on android 7.0

Though Google Pixel Camera application is almost same with Google Camera installed on most Google device but still the Pixel XL Camera app comes with some other added features which are not present on Google Camera

Google Pixel

Google Pixel & Pixel XL


No doubt one of the selling point of the device is the crystal clear 12.3mp rare camera which is believed to be unlike what you may have seen or used on any Google phones, others includes it being the first android to run on Android 7.1, you may check here for full specs

That being said, although both devices are now available for purchase online it however seems Google Store might just be the only online retail store to have both the 32GB and 128GB variants in stock for purchase, however it wont be shipping this month but you definitely would get your Pixel Xl or Google Pixel shipped to your door step next month

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You may want to know where you can purchase or order for the Pixel XL, well as stated above you can order from Google stores or Best price, however shipment wont be this month but it is expected to start shipping from 18th of November next month

Place an order for yours now on Google Store in the United States, or via Verizon and Best Buy

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