How to change tecno phantom 6 imei with Chamelephone in mins

Have you been searching the net for how to change tecno phantom 6 imei or probably you are there and you stumbled on one of our recent articles on how to get free airtel 5gb with imei tweaking and you decided to give it a try on your phantom 6 but all to no avail

If so then am glad to let you know you have gotten to the right place, the best method is what we have here, as a matter of fact few hours ago i had some conversation with one tecno phantom 6 user on Nigeria largest and biggest forum Nairaland, he was so eager to know how he could change his tecno phantom 6 imei

Having gone through few web pages in search of how to change tecno phantom 6 imei without a single breakthrough, he then decided to create a thread on the forum with the hope of getting something different from what he has read online

Well as expected, some users suggested he try Mobile Uncle and a few other apps, some however were of the opinion he need not root his device before changing his phantom 6 imei while others believed it is a necessity, despite all this no result, it was in the midst of that we came in

Why are we saying all this, we just want you all who may or might be in his position to get one thing straight, Phantom 6 runs on Android Marshmallow out of box, making it a bit difficult to change its imei without having to root the device

how to change android 6.0 imei

Though we might be wrong on this, but we stand corrected, if you have any procedure on how to change tecno phantom 6 or plus imei without rooting, pls kindly lend your voice by dropping yours using the comment section, but pls don’t come with Mobile uncle or what have you.

That being said, for those who are searching for how to change tecno phantom 6 imei, we may have just the right solution for it, but as stated earlier it require root access before you can change it, pls note tweaking imei is quite different from changing your phone imei, of course you can download imei analyzer from playstore to tweak but such app cant apply the tweaked imei to your device, so how then can i change my phantom 6 imei

How to change tecno phantom 6 imei with Chamelephone

We’ll provide the same solution we gave to the young man illustrated above

  • You need to root your phantom 6
  • You need to download Chamelephone

Why do i need Chamelephone to change my phantom 6 imei

Since tecno phantom 6 comes pre-installed with Android 6.0, Chamelephone becomes the most suitable and tested ok for changing Android Marshmallow imei

How can i root my phantom 6

Sorry we didn’t provide a link earlier but since we both have agreed you need to root your device before you change its imei,  we have a well detailed procedure on how you can root your tecno phantom 6 but we will advice you trend carefully, your smartphone cost a huge amount of money, you don’t want to mess with it, am not trying to scare you but rather sounding a fair warning, you may check here for how to root phantom 6

How can i use Chamelephone to change my phantom 6 imei

Thank goodness you finally agreed to use this,

  • Get your phone rooted check above for link
  • Download Chamelephone app here
  • Dial *#06# and  copy out your original IMEI,  keep it in a save place.
Follow These Steps Below;
  • Step 1: Run and install the downloaded Camelephon app on your device
  • Step 2: Open the installed Chamelephon>> Click on Authorize if asked for root access as seen below….Oh why not just check out the full article we have on that already instead of the long talk….
  • Sorry friends, Kindly check here for how to change Android 6.0 Marshmallow imie

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