How to get free mtn 5gb data bonus for ( on ) 4G Lte phones

How to get free mtn 5gb data bonus for ( on ) on 4G Lte smartphones : Oh the bonus era is here again with the latest coming from the African biggest and largest telecommunication giant MTN, they have decided to reward their teaming customers with free 5gb of data bonus but with a clause

You might want to ask what the clause is, well as the title reads you need a 4G Lte enabled device to qualify you for the free mtn 5gb data bonus for 4G Lte smartphones, unless you happened to be living in Sambisa forest or probably you just returned from the creeks where i doubt you hardly can get a single network bar talkless of a 4G signal then you can join the free train

What is the mtn free 5gb data bonus for ( on ) 4G Lte smartphones all about??

Without boring you with much talk, we both know this is just another business strategy to not only create the awareness of its 4G service in Nigeria but to also encourage you to pick up one of the MTN 4G Lte sims and dish your old 2G /3G

As a matter of fact you shouldn’t be using a non 4G Lte supported smartphone in 2016, but considering the Change we are i might want to pardon you for that, however you need to get yourself one so as to enjoy this mtn 4G data bonus before the odds changes, what then are the requirements to qualify me for this offer??

Requirements you must meet to qualify for the free mtn 5gb data bonus for ( on ) 4G Lte phones

  • Without being told you need a 4G enabled device
  • An MTN 4G Lte Sim ( you can get this at any mtn outlet closest to you )

And of course you need to pray mtn doesn’t discontinue this data reward offer before you get yours, that being said if you already met these requirements ( i.e you have a 4G smartphone and as well MTN 4G Lte sim ) how then can i get my free 5gb data bonus

How to get free mtn 5gb data bonus

How to get free mtn 5gb data bonus for ( on ) 4G Lte smartphones

  • Power on your 4G device
  • Move to message and sms 4G to 131 ( You should get a response as below )

Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade now.  For more information of MTN 4G LTE, including 4G coverage location; please visit or walk-in to any of our service centers nationwide.

  • Dial *131*4# and zoom your free bonus would be credited to your line  ( You must have been using the mtn Lte sim )

Congratulations you can now surf the web free cutesy mtn, i need point out though that not all smartphones supports MTN 4G lte band network but the text message you received earlier might have cleared the air if yours is compatible or not

Tell us have you got yours??? if yes let us know or probably your are unable to, well let us know as well…..cheers!!

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