Apple iPhone 7 reportedly explodes again setting owner’s car on fire

As sadden as it appears an Australian has claimed his iPhone 7 he bought weeks ago exploded while in his car, this however wont be the first of such claim if you recall precisely 3weeks ago the first Apple iPhone 7 explosion was reported

The first of is kind was reported by a Reddit user /u/kroopthesnoop who alleged his co-worker Pre-ordered iPhone 7 Plus was delivered already exploded in its delivery pack, well in case you miss that you can read about it from the link provided above

Surprisingly the week old iPhone 7 that explodes becomes the second of is kind, although the cause of the explosion is yet to be confirmed by officials,

Mr Mat Jones who owns the apples latest flagship device however claimed he left his phone under a few pants in his car while he went for a surfing lesson

Upon his return, he was shocked to have found his car filled with smoke while the interior of his car was seriously damaged, he further stated that he bought the new iPhone 7 precisely one week ago

iphone 7 explosion picture

iphone explodes in car

He however said he has never charged his iPhone 7 with any third-party chargers aside the charger that came with it ruling out any possibility of the explosion being caused as a result of bad charger

According to a report made available by a news station 7 News, Mat Jones was quoted to have said he has no doubt the iPhone was the source of the fire.

“Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you wrapped open the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it,” Jones told .

In a good development Apple acknowledged it has made contact with Jones and also currently investigating the incident, we just hope the iPhone 7 won’t turn out to be Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which later forced the company to shut down production and as well recalled all its sold unit

Well for now, we can only hope, however what do you think might be responsible for the explosion suddenly ravaging the two smartphones giants????

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