Itel S11 ( its11 ) coming pretty soon – see leaked specs

You all need to watch out for Itel S11 ( Itel itS11 ) the device is set to hit the smartphone market anytime soon, though no official announcement has been made yet by the maker a leak has, however, surfaces online as spotted on Nigeria largest forum ( NiaraLand )

Well it seems Itel mobile is gradually living up to expectation by introducing smartphones we can actually label as one as against the usual pattern of 512mb phones often released by the company, however, it seems Itel S11 ( its11 ) might just be a downgraded version of the widely accepted itel it1516plus

Although quite a number of us would have loved to see the one of its hottest, closest and most probably baddest smartphone itel it1520 hit the Nigerian smartphone market but unfortunately the device would only be sold in India, if you happened to have followed our update on that you’ll recall we termed it a step in the right direction, well we hope those in charge see ….

That being said, what do we know about the next line of the company smartphone ( Itel S11 ( its11 ) ) soon to hit the market.

Itel S11

Credits: kio052001

Here’s what we know about Itel S11 ( its11 )

  • First and foremost you need to know that Itel its11 is not the device for everyone ( you want to know why we said that?? then read on… )
  • Itel its11 will be coming with a 5.0-inch display more of the reason we said it isnt for everyone
  • It comes with a not too impressive or enticing battery
  • Leak suggests the device might be way sleeker than the usual
  • You shouldn’t be expecting a big ram and as well as storage but definitely not 512mb lol
  • Well, chill small bro let me relax a bit………..
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Having given you those tips on what to expect, i hope i haven’t dashed your high expectations, well don’t be sad yet, Itel its11 isn’t all that bad, so without any further ado shall we quickly check out the main specs as leaked online

Itel S11 ( Its11 ) Full Specs and Price

  • 5.0″ screen
  • 1gb of ram
  • The 8gb Solid State of Storage
  • OTG support
  • 5mp rare camera with flash
  • likewise, another 5mp front facing camera also with flash
  • Android 6.0
  • 2,500mAh

What’s disappointing about Itel its11

  • Not so good camera
  • Low battery capacity ( but hey i can pass..)

That being said, we might want to point out that Itel S11 might just be targeted to a certain set of people, so before you start to vent your anger on the company you may want to consider that there are people who don’t make use of a phone the way you do and whose basic need on a phone is either to make / receive calls or to just text, download few 9ja hip hop jamz then chill under a mango tree to take one or two selfie

These set of individuals don’t care if it sports a 54gb of ram lol..

As regards the price it should retail between #20,000 – #23,000 ( suggested though ), well over to you friends, what’s your say??


Am glad to let you know that the device has officially being launched and you can check the full specification and price here

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