Innoson Motors Launch New Amazing SUV, The IVM G6

You need to see this latest IVM G6 SUV from Innoson Motors Nigeria , Innoson Motors is the 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand producing durable and of course affordable brand new automobiles.

They have recently produced and launched into Nigeria and Africa market lovely cars, buses as well as SUVs , Many Nigerians has over time ordered custom made cars from the company which were produced and delivered across to their users

Surprisingly Innoson motors recently introduced one of its astonishing SUV, The IVM G6. the company which took to her Facebook  Fan page to unveiled its latest made in Nigeria product

innoson suv

The launch of its IVM G6 SUV has however generated so much heat among Nigerians has many were of the opinion that the Government needs to put a ban on the importation of Cars to the Country

While others couldn’t just help but to express how impressed they are seeing the company progresses amidst series challenges faced by manufacturing industries in Nigeria..

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As of the time of filling this article we are yet to get an official spec sheet of the product released by the company on its site and as well as the price with which the SUV IVM G6 would retail but as soon as such information are made available on the Company website we’ll update you on the spec of the SUV

That being said, what’s your candid opinion about Made in Nigerian cars??? or should we say Made in Africa cars, Do you think Government really must ban the importations of Cars??? If so why do you think so???? if you don’t mind you can kindly join the discussion by using the comment section

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