How To Restart A Hanging Computer Without Shutting Down

If you are have been searching the net for how to restart a hanging computer without shutting down , well am glad to let you know that your search is over, you have finally gotten to the promise land.

Today you are rest assured to learn how you can restart windows explorer  in order to fix your hanged laptop without losing any of your running applications and of course without having to reboot your pc.

This procedure works on almost all available laptop as at now unless yours is the 2016 hp envy 13 or any laptop computer that’s powered with the new Kaby lake processor, then am afraid you may have to wait a little for us to update the post for you.

Well the few of us who aren’t on the new Intel Kaby lake processor can kindly continue reading, that being said your computer or laptop hanging is one thing am sure you must have experienced

In most cases you feel like either smashing the laptop against the wall or probably all you want to do is just fling it off, well either you smash against the wall or you fling one thing is for sure, you may still have to wait a little while before it get back to its senses

What if it refuses?? then you get more annoyed and forced to do a hard system reboot. what if i tell you there’s a way round that, what if i show you how to restart your hanging computer or laptop without having to shut down or reboot.

Sounds interesting right?? well continue reading, in full course you will learn how you can restart windows explorer, which is of course the main platform on which your windows applications run.

How To Restart A Hanging Computer Without Shutting Down

  • Press Control + Alt + Del and the click on task manager you can as well right click on the task bar and click on task manager from the list of items.

Windows taskbar

  • When the task manager opens, click on more details to see a more detailed list of all processes running on the computer.

Windows TaskManager



Windows TaskManager

  • On the list of all processes, scroll down until you see the process named Windows Explorer.

N.B: The Author of the post uses Windows 10 for this post, and the first three steps above are the same for Windows 10, 8.1 and 8. If you are running Windows 7 and below, follow the first step to start task manager, then click on the tab called Processes. Then scroll until you see the process named Explorer.

  • After scrolling to see Windows Explorer or Explorer, click to select.
  • After clicking to select, locate restart towards the bottom right of the task manager.
How To Restart A Hanging Computer Without Shutting Down

Windows Explorer

  • Now Click on restart, your computer should re-start just the way it ought when you power on the PC . Congratulation your have successfully fixed your laptop hanging problem.

Advantage of using this procedure

Interestingly, with this procedure you need not worry about losing any of your works or unsaved files, though it is important you save your current documents before trying out this procedure but then all your applications running on the PC as at the time of carrying out the last step which is to restart your windows explorer will all remain intact

In other words all your works are safe and you need not to re launch any of your running apps and of course, you can kiss good bye the need to hard reboot your laptop or computer each time it hangs.

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