Good News : Samsung Galaxy Note 8 On Its Way – Samsung

Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy Note 8 is coming real soon, how soon??? well enrollment should begin November 30th of this year..

While we thought all was lost concerning the Note series from Samsung after its latest Flagship device was met with huge disappointment following series of battery explosion forcing the company not just to recall the device but also shutting down the production of the Galaxy Note 7 

In a bid to also compensate customers the company had to offer free incentives worth of $100 depending on the users choice of return,no doubt despite all these the Galaxy Note 7 was a total disappointment

galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

That being said, the company has confirmed the successors is coming pretty soon and would be the next in line with the note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is said to be very impressive

Here’s what we know about Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 has announced by Samsung would first make is appearance in South Korea and of course customers from that region would be entitled to get the smartphone for half of its price when officially launched

Although reports about the device still remains sketchy as at the time of post but what we do know is the smartphone would be an upgrade to its predecessor however it remains unknown if the device will be available in other countries for half its price as offered to South Koreans

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However Samsung made it known that the device would only be available at half its price for customers who took advantage of the Galaxy Note 7 recall and changed theirs for a Galaxy S7, in other words the device is coming to South Korean for now with Note 7 trade-in programme

As stated earlier the device is expected to be up for enrollment come November 30th of this year while its will launch next year, as it stands no information has been made available as regard the specs of the Note 8 but we do hope it comes with far better specs or features than the Note 7

Well what are the likely specs or features you would love to see in the Note 8????

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