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How to Stop Autoplay Video in Firefox, Chrome & Opera

You might have been asking if there’s a way to STOP video and audio from automatically playing in mozilla firefox . Well we can relate to this and we know how annoying it can be and as such we have put together this article on how to stop autoplay video in firefox and chrome just for you

Some webmasters are guilty of it they embed an autoplay audio or video playback on their web pages resulting to an instant video play upon your visit to the site, not only is this annoying but it equally hit deep into your DATA

Most internet giants such as Facebook, Google , Twitter are not exempted, they are equally guilty of it this among several other factors are responsible for hitting up your data unknowingly but the good news is you can stop autoplay video in mozilla firefox as well as Chrome

As a matter of fact in this article you will learn not just to stop it but also prevent such from reoccurring, prevention they say is far better than cure and of course it pays to prevent something from happening rather than allowing it to take is full course before you stop it

On most well known techy site, they refer to this as HTML5 videos, as a matter of fact most of our browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari e.t.c now operates HTML5 making the video autoplay a bit difficult to stop

So whether you are dealing with an HTML5 Autoplay Video or not you can as well Disable HTML5 Autoplay videos to prevent any of such occurrence, without any further delay shall we quickly move to how to stop autoplay video in Firefox & Chrome

How to Stop Autoplay Video in Firefox

There are several approaches to this, but we prefer you prevent them before they take action, well kindly follow the procedure below:

  • First and foremost, launch your Mozilla Firefox, then Go to the address bar, type about: config and hit the enter button.


  • Thereafter, click I’ll be careful, I promise! and of course, you really must be very careful in your approach .
How to Stop Autoplay Video in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

  • Now type media.autoplay in the search box staring at you.
How to stop autoplay video in opera

type media.autoplay in the search box

  • Once the media autoplay setting display,  double-click on it to change the value to false.
How to stop autoplay video in Chrome

double-click on it to change the value to false

Congratulations!!!! you have now successfully disable autoplay video in Mozilla firefox You longer need to worry yourself about any occurrence of autoplay videos on any web page again.

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However the above procedure might not work for you if your  browser is Chrome or Opera but not to worry, you can get yours fixed by installing Disable HTML5 Autoplay plugin – See below for how

How to stop autoplay video in Chrome

  • Lunch your Chrome In Chrome
  • Thereafter go to settings
  • click on extension tab
  • Now scroll down until you see get more extensions and click on it.
  • Search for the plugin called Disable HTML5 Autoplay
  • Download and enable it

Congratulations!!! you have successfully stop / disable autoplay video in chrome, Now we need to solve that of Opera browser, well you can check below for how to stop autoplay video in opera

How to stop autoplay video in opera

  • launch your Opera browser,
  • click on opera logo towards the top left corner,
  • click on extensions
  • Thereafter click on get extensions.
  • then scroll down and search for the plugin called Disable HTML5 Autoplay,
  • Download and enable it.

Congratulations!!! you have successfully stop/disable autoplay video in opera,

There you have it, we believe this post will no doubt solve many of these issues, however if you have any challeng with any of the above-listed steps please don not hesitate to use the comment box. we’ll try as much as we can to quickly reply to your comment.

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