Top 50 Free Proxy sites ( proxy server ) list for 2016

Free proxy sites ( server ) are one of the useful tools or list you should have, though not easy to come by but we have compiled the best top 50 free proxy sites ( proxy server ) list for 2016 

You might want to ask what proxy sites are meant for, well free proxy server remains the surest way to access any blocked site or restricted websites, they don’t just give you the edge it also give you the control

free proxy site for 2016 also afford you the opportunity to brows, surf the web anonymously, surf the entire web if you must in absolute freedom .

without any doubt am sure with our top 50 free proxy sites for 2016 you are assured of free access to all the content you want without leaving a single trace of you being there.

free proxy sites for 2016

However there’s a catch, nothing free comes without its own risk, so also there’re some risks involved while using the free proxy servers

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Top 50 Free Proxy sites ( proxy server ) list for 2016

1. Proxify –

2. Free Open Proxy –

3. Proxy 2014 –

4. Unblock YouTube Free –

5. kProxy –

6. BlewPass –

7. Zfreez –

8. 4everproxy –

9. Unblock My Web –

10. YouTube Unblock Proxy –

11. Vtunnel –

12. –

13. New Ip Now –

14. Ninja Clock –

15. AnonyMouse –

16. AnonyMizer –

17. Defilter –

18. Free Proxy Server –

19. Free YouProxyTube –

20. –

21. Working Proxy –

22. Free YouTube –

23. HideOnline Proxy –

24. Vobas –

25. Vobas –

26. Don’t Filter –

27. Fast USA Proxy –

28. YouTube Free Proxy –

29. Proxyo –

30. Rapid Proxy –

31. Unblock YouTube Beat School –

32. Hiding Your Info –

33. Unblocker –

34. Quickproxy –

35. The Best Proxy –

36. EXCS –

37. Just Proxy –

38. Proxy-2014 –

39. VPN Browse –

40. ProxyOne –

41. Web Proxy Free –

42. Can’t Block This –

43. Hide The Internet –

44. Greatest Free Proxy –

45. Proxay –`

46. ViewTube –

47. PRO Unblock –

48. HideMyTraxProxy –

49. Working Proxy –

50. Star Doll Proxy –

Risks of using free proxy sites ( server )

As stated earlier, nothing free or good comes easy without its risks, as a matter of fact you doing what it is you are doing now is a risk, you eating is a risk, in the nutshell doing anything in life is a risk.

That being said, using free proxy sites for 2016 though enables you to access any content without leaving any proofs of you being on these pages, you however must tread with caution

Using free proxy servers has several drawbacks and are not advisable for use if you intend to visit websites that contain certain important personal details of yours such as your address, your credit card number, your date of birth and other important information you would not be willing to share.

Reason being that, most of this free proxy servers or sites does not guaranty your details are safe, they are very most likely to fall into bad hands, as a matter of fact, the risk is very high.

Don’t be scared, we are just trying to let you know it would be better you share less information while surfing the web with free proxy servers, without any further delay shall we then move to the main issue for the day which is the top 50 free proxy sites for 2016

There you have it, you can use any of the proxies listed above and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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