Meet Toyota Hydrogen Powered Bus that Doubles as a Generator

Toyota has unveiled its next superb product an hydrogen powered bus, a bus that runs completely on hydrogen fuel-cells, interestingly the newly introduced Toyota hydrogen powered bus will be available for purchase come next year ahead of the next Olympics game set to hold in Tokyo.

Although this wont be the first an Hydrogen powered bus will be unveiled, but that of Toyota is particularly a power packed bus manufactured in such a short period of time and can also be use to generate about 235 kWh of power that can be used as an alternative power source or external power generator

According to Toyota they said in a statement made available to newsmen that it  “consider the use of hydrogen to be a powerful source of energy for the future,”  however interesting, the company just of recent released its zero-emission Mirai fuel-cell sedan for sale to prospective buys


Interestingly, the Toyota hydrogen powered bus will be fueled with about 10 high pressure tanks holding 600 liters of highly compressed H2 which is capable of generating 235 kWh of electricity , with this the vehicle can operate not only as a bus but also serve as an external power source

Though the Toyota hydrogen powered bus is not the only vehicle that doubles as an external power source, we have the likes of GM’s Chevy Colorado ZH which is used mostly by the US Army, However Toyota is saying its own designed bus’ fuel cells is capable of generating so much power that can be used to light up a whole evacuation site, such as a school gymnasium

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The company is however planning to sell up to 100 units of the Toyota hydrogen powered bus in Tokyo before the commencement of the Olympics game in 2020, it will interest you to know that the Japanese government has invested a huge sum of $6 billion just to ensure a ish free movement to and fro during the Olympics game

While we await the launch next year, well what’s your say about this?

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