Meet Xiaomi Mi VR headset with built-in motion sensor for $29

While we were still busy hyping the Mi Mix the company took another turn by introducing its second cheapest virtual reality headset Xiaomi Mi VR ; the headset which is priced at $29 is another worthy gadget you should consider buying alongside your smartphone

Xiaomi Mi VR is designed to work with the company latest generation of Xiaomi smartphones such as the Mi 5 , Mi 5s and 5s Plus as well as the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 interestingly the company also unveiled MIUI VR store which will be coming along side the Virtual Reality headset at launch

The MIUI VR store is Xiaomi online downloading site where its users can download over 30 VR apps and 500 panoramic videos to help keep them busy, surprisingly its latest headset comes with built-in motion detector that works  with the handheld motion controller (Remote )

That being said, the Mi VR looks more promising than the one it launched several months ago, that looks more like the usual Google Cardboard headset

xiaomi mi vr

Although it remains unknown if the Xiaomi Mi VR would be available for purchase in the US since the company is yet to release any of its smartphone in the State but we can only wish it does

In other news Google has also been rumored to be working on a new VR headset which is said to supports eye-tracking technology, and more importantly it doesn’t require any smartphone for its display unlike very other headset we have seen thus far

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You all can trust the Search Engine giants to deliver when it comes to high-tech gadgets, recalled the company’s pixel devices are doing great in the smartphone world though we heard reports of hackers unlocking the device bootloader on a Google Pixel bought from Verizon , well you can chill a little we’ll sure update you on that as it unfolds

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