Apple is considering moving iPhone production to US – Sources alleged

In a report published online by Nikkei Reportit said Apple is currently considering the possibilities of moving its iPhone production to the US following the policy overhang of America elect Donald Trump

According to Nikkei, it reported Apple has asked major iPhone manufacturer partners, such as Foxconn and Pegatron, to look into possibilities to bring the iPhone assembly supply chain into the United States. bearing in mind that as at today, all iPhones (and almost all Apple products) are manufactured and assembled in China

It further revealed that Foxconn has since then being seriously researching on ways through which iPhone manufacturing wing can be moved to US without actually affecting the company’s sales or profit

Pegatron on the other hand was reported to have declined the request by Apple over cost concerns and was quoted to have said an unavoidable increase in cost of production “more than double” would occur if eventually the company moves

Apple asked its manufacturers to investigate the possibility of moving iPhone production to the US

Although the company seems to be proactive in its dealings in case the Trump Administration eventually act on his various policies, however the report has since then received series of criticism with expert saying it would make no financial sense for Apple to shift production to US

Not only would cost of production increases or doubles as Pegatron has said it will also result to increase in the cost of product in this case iPhone devices which seems to be on the high side before would witness a sharp increase, it could also lead to a decrease in the company’s profit

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