How to download and install GBA4iOS on iPhone ( iPad ) without Jailbreak

Many at times we receive series of request from our readers mostly for game request which we have always tried our best to do justice to most if not all, well the latest being a mail we got recently requesting for How to download and install GBA4iOS on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak

Well you will agree with me that jailbreaking if not properly done as its risk on iOS , many at times you stand to lose your device resulting to lost of files, photos, contacts and other valuable information’s you may have saved on it, and of course there’s this urge to download or install GBA4iOS on your iPhone being one of the best gaming emulators that allow iOS users to play pc games such as NDS and GBA

GBA4iOS which has being the life saver in such situations, allowing so many iPhone and iPad users the opportunity to enjoy various GameBoy Advanced games on their iOS devices. although there’s no need for jailbreaking simply because you intend to to install GBA4iOS Emulator since it uses Apple’s certificates, however recent iOS update is making it difficult for users to grant certificate permission to some games, which has since then given birth to the latest version of Gameboy Advance for iOS emulator that was developed with the sole aim of bridging the gap.

How to download and install GBA4iOS on iPhone

Although the emulator works without restriction for now however it seems to work in the same regard requesting for certificate permission in which Apple might again resit to allow it gained access, but as at the time of post it appears to work just fine

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GBA4iOS Emulator features

  • The latest version 2.1 comes with URL Scheme
  • It also allow Multiplayer mode
  • There’s also a change in Controller design
  • Dropbox Support as well as Game Boy Support is now enabled
  • Interestingly you can now Save games
  • And last but not the least it comes with unlimited Cheat Codes

How to download and install GBA4iOS on iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak

  • First and foremost you need to visit this URL with your web browser on your iOS device;  ( most preferably the Safari browser that comes  pre-installed on it )
  • This part becomes necessary should you notice the website to be dormant. If so then you may have to backdate your device’s date to the year 2010, ( do that from settings )
  • Once that has been done, you now proceed to visit the link above again to download and install GBA4iOS V2.1.
  • After a successful download and installation you need to change your date to the current date
  • Then Go to General>Profiles and trust GBA4iOS to trust the application

Should your launch the emulator only to be greeted with loading error, then this next part is for you and its about how to Fix GBA4iOS Not Opening or loading on iOS 9.1, If you’re running on iOS 10.0 or any other that’s not iOS 9.2, then you may need to download Showbox to fix the loading issue but If yours is iOS 9.2 then follow the guide below


How to Fix GBA4iOS Not Opening or loading

  • Go to setting
  • Then Navigate to General>Device Management.
  • Now locate and tap on GBA4iOS Emulator that you’ve downloaded with the tag, “Xiamen..”,
  • Click the trust button.
  • Once this is done you should be able to run the emulator without any issues.

Interestingly you can also fix other emulators using the same process

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