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Download XP Psiphon VPN V6 for Glo 0.00kb, MTN & Etisalat browsing cheat

Many at times we get hold of some ways to Download XP PSIPHON for glo and mtn free browsing tweaks for only for it to work just on android leaving your other gadgets useless, what if i tell you there’s a new vpn in town, a better alternative to Psiphon handler that allows you to share your glo, mtn, etisalat or even airtel unlimited browsing cheat with other device via hotspot , sounds cool right?? well today i give you the link to download XP VPN V6.0.0 APK with Hotspot Tethering Feature

Sincerely this gat my 80% endorsement lol, it works flawlessly with the Glo 0.0kb unlimited browsing cheat and of course you can put aside all other vpn you may be using for now, download this and share your connection with several other devices of yours

However, that’s not to say when you download XP Psiphon VPN V6.0.0 for Glo 0.00kb unlimited free browsing cheat that you wont experience some glitches, Naaa you sure will, it does as its own flaws which means you shouldn’t expect 100% super downloading speed on this, by now you ought to know that your download speed depends on your network provider, that being said credit to Shabuzaman for this wonderful piece of work

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Features of  latest XP Psiphon VPN V6.0.0 for Glo 0.00kb, MTN unlimited free browsing cheat

  • Very fast and easy to use
  • US, INDIA, SINGAPORE and SPAIN servers added
  •  Improved UI
  •  It supports tethering (USB tether, WIFI tether, and generic tether)
  • Auto import config
  • Secured config
  • Splash theme
  •  Reliable Minor bugs fixed

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Where to download XP Psiphon VPN V6.0.0 apk for Glo 0.00kb unlimited free browsing cheat

You can download from the link below, likewise you may also decide to import the Config files into this VPN app saving you the need to apply settings manually. or you can set it up as follows

APN Settings

  • APN: gloflat
  • Type: Tick Default & Supl
  • Proxy: leave it blank
  • Port: leave it blank
Download XP Psiphon VPN V6.0.0 apk for Glo 0.00kb, mtn free browsing cheat

download XP Psiphon

Glo 0.00kb unlimited free browsing cheat settings with latest XP Psiphon VPN V6.0.0

  • Proxy Type: Real Host
  • URL/Host:
  • Proxy ip /port :
  • Real Proxy Type: Default
  • Proxy type : HTTP
  • Real Proxy Port: 80


  • Proxy Type: Real Host
  • URL/Host:
  • Real Proxy Type: Inject
  • IP:
  • Real Proxy Port: 80
  • Real Proxy Type: HTTP
  • Select Region: United States


  • Name etisalat 0.00
  • APN: etisalat
  • Proxy empty
  • Port empty
  • Username leave it
  • Password leave it

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  • Proxy type: Real host
  • Url/Host:
  • Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list
  • Real proxy port: 80


  • To share and use glo unlimited free browsing cheat on PC/laptop, navigate to the left side bottom of your laptop or the right side as the case may be (if it’s windows 8)
  • You will see CONNECTIVITY icon, click on it
  • thereafter turn ON your phone wifi then you will see it display on the laptop.
  • Finally connect to your phone as shown on your laptop
  • start enjoying free browsing both on your Android device and PC.

This method can also be applied with other networks tweaks and it will work.

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PS :  You can download xp psiphon here for Glo or mtn cheat, you might encounter disconnection or speed throttling at some points especially if your network is not very strong but with a stronger network you should bypass the 60mb daily limit on etisalat while using XP Psiphon.!!!

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