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Yesterday we publish MyEtisalat service which has since then been rocking and of course more users are getting to know more about the service as the day pass bye, well today we decided to fill you in on MyMTN self service App which is one of Africa largest telecom network , no doubt this is a must have for all android as well as ios users

Why is this kind off important for you to have?? well if you happened to be one of those who may have tried getting across to the call center for hours yet no response, this solves the need to place the call in the first instance, with the service app you need not disturb yourself dialing the usual 180 when you can get your issues resolved anytime with just a click of a button

Interestingly, when you download MyMTN self service App you can easily recharge your line, buy data bundles, pay bills and so much more, imagine the endless possibilities that lies ahead with this platform, often times people results to calling the help desk for the smallest of things, well MTN is trying to make you the help desk of yourself with little or no need to involve the customer care upon every issues

MyMTN self service App

Benefits of using MyMTN self service App

No doubt have mentioned few of them, but then what about being able to access information regarding any mtn services and products right from your room, why don’t we just enlist few others shall we

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  • With MyMTN App service you can easily migrate to any plan, delete or change your current tariff plan
  • You have full control of your mobile services
  • Manage any of your accounts within mins
  • Recharge your line withing secs
  • Pay even your Utilities bills
  • Being able to secure your line.. e.t.c

Download links :

Download for android here and click here for ios users

Without any further mouth watering or what have you, you definitely need to download MyMTN App for iOS & Android just for your utmost convenience because we can not just underestimate its numerous uses, you may check here for MyEtisalat if you happened to have both lines

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