Download UC Browser V11.1 APK For Android

One of the best and of course most installed android browser has released yet another beautiful and of course smooth latest update, and am sure you don’t need to be told before you rush to download UC Browser V11.1 APK For Android 

The latest version support up to 20tabs as against the previous versions with a maximum of 10tabs, As a matter of fact, very few were pleased with the limited tabs, not alone does it support 20tabs, it also comes with some really cool and mouth watering features such as the ability to stream or watch online videos without having to wait in speed mode, oh what about the smart downloads features

That doesn’t seems to freak you?? kkk what about the enhanced fast loading ?? am sure this will lol..Without any further delay, shall we take a quick look at few of its feature..

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Download UC Browser V11.1 APK For Android

Where to download UC Browser V11.1 APK For Android and features

  • Fast mode : This is made possible by compressing data, thereby speeding up navigation and saves you of some MB
  • ADBlock
  • Facebook mode : This feature automatically speeds up Facebook. No matter how poor the speed of your internet is, UC Browser finds a way to increase the speed.
  • Smart downloads
  • Video for all tastes
  • Control Videos with Gestures
  • Night Mode
  • Fast and stable navigation No more freezes. Enjoy the smoothest surfing.

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I know by now you are eager to get the link, well i won’t delay further, you can download latest UC Browser V11.1 APK For Android here or better still head straight to Google play store where an update is already waiting for you, need i mention the app is one of the best you can use for streaming online videos ??

What then are you still waiting for download from the link provided above or check your Google play store for update

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