Etisalat Discontinues Blackberry BIS Plan, Others may follow suite

In what seems to be the final blow, the Arab Company has finally put an end to all its Etisalat Blackberry BIS Plan for all bb devices, the move which seems necessary following plans by various social networking giant and other app developers to discontinue support for the device come December

You would recall we had sometimes this year reported that WhatsApp has concluded plans to put an end to its app support on all blackberry devices well the heat wasn’t on just WhatsApp, But also Facebook had on March discontinued support for its app on the platform

As a matter of fact Blackberry had also came out openly to say it would end the production of the device in order for the company to focus strictly on its software development

This and several other reasons might just be responsible for etisalat joining the league by also putting an end to its blackberry bis plan for the device, no doubt other network providers such as mtn, glo or airtel may as well be considering such moves

etisalat blackberry bis

Etisalat Discontinues all Blackberry BIS Plan

According to etisalat in a message sent across to all its customers on the blackberry platform it noted that their bb service would no longer be available, however customers will still be opportune to make use of their current plan till it expires

“Dear Customer, our BB service will no longer be available. You will continue to enjoy your current subscription till it expires. Thank you for choosing Etisalat “

Well now that Etisalat Blackberry BIS Plan is no longer accessible, we welcome our brothers to join the winning team, you should consider gifting out your bb to your cousins in the village or better still turn it into your second phone just like the case with most Nokia Touch light phone and port to either Android or iPhone

There are very many cheaper android devices around , get one or better still get yourself an Android Powered Blackberry smartphone ( DTEK 60 ) that dosnt has to do with Etisalat Blackberry BIS

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