Infinix mission 04 : Here’s what we know about MissionImposible04

Hello friends, i believe quite a number of you have came across the next big thing to drop from infinix which the company tagged ” infinix mission 04 ” although the company is yet to reveal the true identity of what the device might entails but wait for it we have something for you

Some of our readers mailed us asking if we are aware of the device the company is trying to unveil, but our reply has always been capital NO , what if i tell you we just might have an answer to your request, well you may need to chill a little more and of course read on to get the full gist

Although the company is yet to make any official statement regarding the device, however people have been speculating, could it be a smartwatch?? many are of the opinion it just might be a smart gear but we are of the opinion it might be the device we all have been waiting for, what then could this be??? well its no other than its latest addition to the Zero series which is infinix zero 4 our guess though and we might be wrong

What gave us the impression infinix mission 04 might be zero 4 ??

We both know that’s the only device yet to be released of which we have seen various leaks images and of course specs, that being said, ” 04 ” might just stand for the 4 behind the latest zero series and of course you would agree with me that the company no doubt love using the figure code

Another reason while we believed it might be Zero 4 is because we ain’t expecting anything Note 4 soonest considering the pro version with 3gb of ram is yet to hit the country, that’s not to say they don’t have plans for it but hey its work in progress and lastly we just had Hot 4 so Hot series is a no no..

infinix mission 04

What then are the likely spec to expect on infinix mission 04 ?? well the device will no doubt come with one of the best processor ever used on the company’s smartphone, interestingly it scored an impressive 92000+ in Antutu score giving it the crown of the king of infinix device ever released, that being said if it eventually turns out to be zero 4 then it comes in two version one with 3gb of ram and the other model with 4gb of ram featuring 20mp rare camera, fingerprint scanner among several others, you can check here for full specs

infinix zero 4

PS NOTE:  our submission on mission 04 is no way speaking the mind of the company, you can therefor consider this as one of those speculations, but hey if it happens we are right, then you owe us a bottle of Champagne lol can check more zero 4 pics here 

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