Meet Japan Display dual-panel smartphone screen that opens like a book

We have seen devices, and there’re screen and likewise there’s display, the latest invention coming from one of Chines smartphone maker will render your mouth wide open, Japan display smartphone screen will change the way you read documents on your devices

The company which recently unveiled its latest dual-panel smartphone screen that unfolds just like a book is said to make the device available for purchase in 2017, here’s a little illustration of how it works, when folded up it takes the shape of a smartphone screen, while when Unfolded it looks more of a tablet-sized display only different from tablet is that it opens same way your book would

Although this wont be the first we’ll be spotting such a screen online, the last we heard of such was the Samsung Foldable phone which the company was said to be working on, however we are yet to see such device officially launched by the company, but this we might see in 2017

Japan Display dual-panel screen

According to the report made available by Nikkei, Japan Display is said to be working with a ” yet to be announced Chinese partner” to help it manufacture a smartphone that would use the dual-panel display, interestingly the said partner is believed to be a global smartphone maker, meaning we just might be seeing this device being made available for purchase across the world once finally produced

It will also interest you to know that the Japan Display dual-panel screen can be used to display or perform different task in each window for example you can decide to watch movies or read document on one part while you are busy chatting on social media in the other screen, similarly you can use both display as a single large screen in tablet mode for watching movies or performing any task you so fit

Well till 2017 when we hope to see this…

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