JUST IN : Senate Orders NCC To Stop Hike Of Data Price

In what seems very necessary, following series social media protest, The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has Ordered the withdrawal of the proposed increase in price of data by The Nigeria Communication Commission NCC, the Senate which unanimously condemned the increase in data Tariffs by the service providers as mandated by NCC

You would recalled we published an article just yesterday on the proposed increased, the move which has since then generated several argument among users, following this porported attempt, a petition was to this effect submitted on Change.org  calling on all and sundry to lend their voice..

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Well, the good news is, The Senate today, Wednesday asked the Nigerian Communications Commission to immediately stop the proposed data tariff hike. According to the Deputy Senate Leader Ibn N’Allah who raised the motion regarding the increase in data tariffs by the NCC on floor of the House, saw the totality of the Senators condemning the act by the service providers in tandem with @NgComCommission


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” Senate now resolvees to halt the new tariff aapproval — Nigerian Senate (@NGRSenate) Source “

It however mandateD #CtteeCommunications to carry out through oversight on the process to ensure that Nigerians are carried along in the process. Senate also mandates #CtteeCommunications to ensure that Nigerians are not short changed. At this time without any consultation from the statistics it is almost four times the price”

“It is very important that we protect the people that brought us here this is the height of irresponsibility by @NgComCommission….

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How far this would go in solving the lingering data tariff hike only time will tell, but we hope this get resolved quickly because the explanation given by the NCC for the proposed increase is just unacceptable…………oh are you aware theat The Federal Government Information App ( Buhari mobile app ) is about to be launch come 15th of December ?? will it end recession ?? will it give jobs?? well here‘s all you need to know

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