Meizu X : Blue Charm Specs, Price and Image surface online ahead of launch

Few days to the launch of an astonishing looking Meizu X or call it the Blue Charm X , the device was spotted online ahead of the scheduled November 30th official launch date, though we cant be so sure if the image render is the actual device expected

However, the render reflect the company’s name leaving everyone to suggest it may just be Meizu X, that being said the device is said to be powered by an Helio X30 processor, supported with 3gb of ram along side a 32gb storage

Judging by the image render, it appears Meizu X will come with a sleek, smooth and of course a metal design giving it a premium look and feel, camera wise the device sports dual rare camera with led flash and of course there’s a neatly placed fingerprint scanner right below the flash

Meizu X

You may need to know that information regarding this device remains sketchy not until the official launch, thus the specs stated above are subject to change, but then few more days to go

As we have rightly stated above, November 30 is the date, and we just cant wait to see what its made off, well we’re sure its not going to disappoint on the design and specs wise

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