Introducing SPUD : A Spontaneous 24-inch Pop Up Display

SPUD is the first and of course only high resolution 24-inch display with an ultra-portable screen that fits in a small bag . The external screen becomes very handy when you in need of a secondary screen for your laptop, a portable viewing presentation display , or probably a second screen to enjoy videos, or games on your phone in a more wider display

Then SPUD is the best option for you, the 24-inch external display collapses just like an umbrella to the size and weight of a paperback book, making it the most ideal on the go display for everyone

The brains behind the Spontaneous Pop Up Display ( SPUD ) are launching a Kickstarter campaign today. for those who will be placing their order early enough, they will be able to grab one of the pop-up screens for $399, which is about $100 off the retail price

Here’s how SPUD works

The 24-inch pop -up screen is basically a rear-projection display that collapses and expands in form of an umbrella. The projector is however built at the back of the device and is capable of producing a brightness level of up to 100 – 225 lumens

Surprisingly the screen projects at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel ,  and supports HDMI or wireless connection, When collapsed it measures about 7.5″ x 5.6″ x 2.2.” while when Expanded, it measures 21″ x 11″ x 14″ producing a display that’s 24″ across diagonally.

That being said, the Spontaneous Pop Up Display features a battery that’s can last up to 4 straight hours of continuous use, although the device appears well compacted when folded, it however looks a bit bulky when expanded

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One of the most exciting things about SPUD according to the maker is the many different usage that the screen can actually be use for. the display can as well serve as a portable TV or movie screen, it can also be use for playing video games or as a mini presentation screen as earlier pointed out

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