How to unfollow, leave or exist all Facebook Groups at once

Am sure quite a handful of you may have been searching the net for how to unfollow , leave or exist all Facebook Groups at once, well we can relate to that annoying moment when you realized you have been added to more than 100 Fb groups with no way to leave all at once, Well we both know how annoying this can be

You might be wondering how possible is it to hit a single button and automatically leave all Facebook Groups at once, well you need not to, all you need do is to calmly take few more mins of your time, read on as we guide you on how to go about it

Although there are instances when information shared are important, educative and of course entertaining but then there’re countless of times when they share craps, rumors and all sorts of nudity leaving you to wonder or search for how to exit or turn off notifications on from such groups, the truth be told, if you are to go by the usual way of clicking exit on each, you definitely will spend longer hours than you anticipated, but am glad to let you know that you are on the right page which will guide you on how to exist all Facebook Groups at once , without any further delay shall we go straight to the issue at hand..

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How to unfollow all Facebook Groups at once

How to unfollow, leave or exist all Facebook Groups at once

  • You need to download this modern-day Google chrome extension for executing the one-time click trick. The extension is Facebook Social toolkit.
  • Ensure you’re logged into Chrome browser
  • Download the extension Facebook Social Toolkit
  • Once the extension has been installed to your Chrome browser, You may now log into your facebook account.
  • Locate and click on the extension
  • Scroll down and click on on “Unfollow All facebook groups at once” which is below fb removal tools.
  • A pop-up message prompt asking you to confirm removing
  • Confirm..
  • Congratulation, you should be free from all sorts of unwarranted notifications

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PS : There are many other useful extension on the Social Toolkit with so many features aside the fb group unfollow you can make use off, although Some are paid but then there’re few others with free points that doesn’t require a dime from you

Well there you have it, with this guide on how to unfollow all Facebook Groups at once, you can now feel relaxed having remove yourself from all unwanted and unwarranted fb case you have any questions, feedback or contribution, you can do so via the comment section…Thanks and don’t forget to share!!

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