Facebook Groups Video Calls in Messenger Now Available

Well the good news today is, Facebook finally rolled out Messenger groups calling features, which is capable of connecting up to 6 users at a go, this came after the company added camera experience into the app few days ago, you would recall the group chat was included sometimes last month with the aim to further connect more people

Facebook said over 250 million users has over the months being making one-on-one video call with its messenger app, and believed with the inclusion of the Messenger groups Video chat, more people will be connected

Although up to 50 people can join the group, however 6 out of the 50 users can perform this while the rest may continue with Voice chat or just watch the conversation, interestingly the Groups Video chat is available on Android, iOS devices, as well as the desktop version of the Messenger app worldwide

Facebook groups video calling in messenger

How to make Facebook Groups Video Calling or chat in Messenger

  • The first thing you must do is to download the latest version of messenger from either Playstore or iOS Store
  • Then you may proceed to launch
  • Now, you have to either join any existing Facebook Groups or create one if you can
  • Once you in, you should see the Video icon at the upper right corner of the screen
  • tap on it and you should be live
  • Members on same group as you will then be notified to join
  • Any one who intent to, can do so with a click ( However, same rules apply, Maximum of 6 )
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Interestingly, you may decide to select few people from the group which is another added advantage of the features, instead of including the whole 50 members, don’t forget you can also enjoy WhatsApp Video calling believed to be one of the very best….. well we hope to see yourself . Cheers!!

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