The first expedition to the South Pole celebrated with Google Doodle

For the first time in Human history, on 14th of Dec. 1911, it made its first expedition to the south pole, and Google Doodles reminded us with a picture to celebrate it yesterday

In 1911, about 19 Norwegian explorers led by Roald Amundsen accompanied with over 100 Greenland sled dogs, navigate across the Antarctic terrain to reach the “the bottom of the world.”

According to Google, it explained that the explorers used sled dogs and skis to journey through the treacherous landscape “were key to the team’s success,”

in other words, the sled dogs played a vital role to the first expedition to the south pole by humans, Google gives an account of the Doodle as a stand showing “the crew at the finish line, taking a moment to bask in the glory while the Antarctic wind whips outside their tent.” Amundsen, known as “the last of the Vikings,”

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The team which made the first expedition to the South Pole however got there about 33-days before captain Robert Scott led team

Surprisingly, Scott team were the ones who took pictures of the camp, and for over 105 years the tent has never been seen again

Pictures of the Camp

The first expedition to the South Pole

Although, Scientist Olav Orheim in one of his papers published in 2011, claimed he found the tent but with an 0.3km amount of uncertainty

According to him, he argued that the tent was likely to be between 1.8 and 2.5km from the South Pole, and that it was buried 17-metres below the surface of the ground

However, Scott team went in 2012, and as expected the tent was no were to be found, it might interest you to know that the first of the tent was built in 1956 and became the permanent human camp at the Pole

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