How to stop Airtel Data, Weekend Plan Auto Renewal

We shall be considering how to stop Airtel data Auto Renewal today, be it the Airtel Weekend Plan of N100 for 1GB or blackberry plan, No doubt the telecom company is one of the very few in the country that provides cheap data plans, and of course their usual tradition of auto subscribing users can not be undermine

As a matter of fact, most if not all the Telecom companies in Nigeria, be it MTN, Etisalat or Glo are guity of this, each of their data plans comes with Automatic renewal, no matter how enticing it looks, which can be very annoying sometime

You would recall we recently published an article on how to stop glo data auto renewal, well one of our readers requested for how to he could stop Airtel Weekend Plan Auto renewal, this we’ll also be considering today, so for all users out there, deactivating such becomes very necessary, to avoid future occurrence, without any further delay, shall go straight to the subject matter

How to stop airtel auto renewal

How to stop Airtel data Auto Renewal ( Weekend Plan of N100 for 1GB inclusive )

  • To stop all Airtel Auto renewal, Navigate to your phone message
  • Type STOP and send to 140
  • A confirmation message should be sent to you, informing you of that you have successfully deactivated it

However, the above doesn’t work for blackberry plans , so if yours is how to stop Airtel Blackberry plan Auto renewal, then check below

How to stop Airtel Blackberry plan auto renewal

  • To stop this, go to message
  • Type DEACTIVATE and send 440
  • You should also receive a confirmation message to this effect

And we are done, you can now relax and stop worrying about any unwarranted debit or charges on your credit, You may also check here for how to stop both mtn and etisalat data auto renewal

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