What is mmm, Donald trump, makes top 2016 Google searches in Nigeria

As hilarious as it sounds, some funny tags made it to the top Google searches in Nigeria for 2016, tags such as Donald Trump , What is mmm ”  What is in Nigeria newspapers today, What is the meaning of love? ,  What is budget padding? among several others

Some even went as far as searching for Nigerian spaghetti recipe, Ofada stew recipe , and less i forget your favorite ASUU Strike didn’t fail to make the list, well a look at the phone arena, we have quires such as infinix note 3, iPhone 7 among others

But like seriously, what is mmm ?? lol, why cant someone just search when is Jesus coming back ?? well all is not lost though, but for those who are busy looking for Nigerian spaghetti recipe pls come and have it, and for those who would love to know more about budget padding, pls ask any of our senators, they should be able to provide help

You all will agree with me that 2016 has been a year full of discoveries , despite the hash economy, people still gave in their very best in order to achieve one or two things, well the year is running to an end now, and i want to believe you already have a list of things you wished for 2017, well without any further ado, shall we take a full look at the top 2016 Google search in Nigeria or should i say by Nigerians

what is mmm

What is mmm, Donald trump, others make 2016 top Google searches in Nigeria

What is…

  • What is in Nigeria newspapers today?
  • What is the latest news of Manchester United?
  • What is the meaning of love?
  • What is Public Relations?
  • What is telecommunication?
  • What is mmm?

Mobile phones…

  • iPhone 7
  • Infinix note 3
  • Samsung galaxy s7
  • Tecno camon c9
  • Infinix hot 4
  • Tecno boom j8
  • Infinix hot 2


  • Nigerian spaghetti recipe
  • Nigeria chicken curry recipe
  • Spaghetti bolognese recipe
  • Ofada stew recipe
  • Nigerian cupcakes recipe

If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly did you mostly searched for ??? oh less i forget, i heard mmm is pause mode, we should be seeing quires like when is mmm coming back soon..

PS : This is never to discredit any individual or group of person, just a little research work we did on the 2016 top Google searches in Nigeria and we thought it wise to share, Thanks! Don’t forget to watch this hilarious Ghanaian Mortal Kombat version , it should make your day.

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