How to Protect Your Android Device , Keep Data Safe and Secure

Knowing how to protect your Android device, be it your smartphone or your tablet, is paramount and you shouldn’t take this responsibility lightly. There are simple steps that you can take to improve your security, and we’ll talk about the ones that are most effective.

Having our smartphone with us at all times is something we all do, seeing that these contraptions have become a part of our identity. Just like with everything else concerning our identity, we need to be sure that the device that connects us to the rest of the planet is safe and that it protects our right to privacy.

There is much buzz about our security when we’re browsing the internet, but what happens when internet steps out into our devices and endangers everything we store on them? Nothing good will come of it, that’s for sure. so how best can you protect your android device, phone and of course keep your data safe, secure online from snoopers, the steps are easy

How to Protect Your Android Device , Keep Data Safe and Secure

  • Have Strong Passwords and Change Them Regularly

how to protect your Android device

If you’re paying your bills on the go or you’re being a bit careless when it comes to your passwords in general, now is the time to change that. Your passwords should have upper and lower case, numbers and special characters in order to be difficult to crack and you should never go for obvious things like pet names, birthdays etc. You should also use the security that Android offers within your device, which means locking your phone with a password, pattern or whatever else you can choose from.

This makes things difficult for anyone who wants to use your phone without approval and the trickier that password, the better. Also, try not to save passwords for all websites you’re using, especially when it comes to bank accounts or any other form of paying. If you’re not careful and a cyber criminal gets a hold of your phone, he will momentarily gain access to all the money you have and everything else you’ve been doing on the internet.

  • Pay Attention to Your Apps

Apps are one the reasons we love our smartphones so much, because they allow us to have everything from our calorie counter to a compass at our fingertips. However, hackers have seen the potential of apps a long time ago and have been abundantly using them to steal confidential information from their users. Google Play Store doesn’t have all-encompassing security, so malware wielding apps slip through the nets, but it is up to you not to let them infect your device. That’s why you should always take a closer look at the permissions that a certain app requires before you install it and see if something looks suspicious. There are apps that request much more permission than they actually need and when you see this, just back away from the app slowly.

Also, it would be wise for you to lock some of the apps that carry most sensitive details about you – be it your bank app, email or social media. This is important because it levels up your first line of defense, which is secure locking of your phone.

  • Stay Safe on Public Networks

how to keep your data safe online

There still isn’t enough awareness about the liabilities that come with using public networks, which can significantly endanger your Android device. We’re always eager to use public Wi-Fi in order to save up our data plan, but more often than not, that Wi-Fi is packed with malware just waiting for your one click in the wrong direction. Thankfully, using a virtual private network (VPN) eliminates these risks by encrypting all your activities and hiding your IP address. There are many foolproof VPNs that you can choose from, but you should also pay close attention to the privacy policy those providers have. If you want to know more on this subject you can always take a closer look at PureVPN privacy policy and see what the terms are under which you get the safeguard that will keep you from harm whenever you access public Wi-Fi.

  • Install Security Software for Your Android Device

Another important steps on How to Protect Your Android Device is to Install Security Software for Your Android Device, Antivirus programs are one of the essential components of your Android security and you don’t even have to pay for it, seeing that there are some great mobile security apps that are free. In case you can’t decide which one to pick, you can always do your research and read some reviews to decide what suits you best. Make sure that the app of your choice has strong scanning abilities and a functioning firewall to protect you and think about other features that you might need such as anti-phishing tools and anti-theft.

  • Back It All Up and Have Remote Wipe Option

how to secure your android phone

Sometimes we can’t prevent the worst from happening, which is why it’s important to have a plan B if your Android device gets stolen. Backup your data regularly so that you don’t lose everything you had on your device and you can do this by storing information on a cloud, external hard-drive or even USB. If there is no way for you to recuperate the device, enable Remote Wipe option so that you can clear out any personal data before anyone misuses it. Remote Wipe comes with device manager apps that you can also find on Google Store.

Every form of internet security is important and as you can see, protecting your Android mobile device isn’t that difficult. Learn to value all the information about yourself, even if you don’t believe it can compromise your security in any way. You always want to take preventive measures when it comes to security, so that you’re always safe rather than sorry. you may also check out how to protect privacy with express vpn

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