How to Screenshot Snapchat without Notification on Android & iOS

Do you known there’s a way to screenshot Snapchat without notification ?? well today you’ll learn how to go about it, saving picture or photos on snapchat is one inevitable thing many users are guilty of, as matter of fact some are well known for their vast screenshots mode

Snapchat which remains one of the best social networking app for sending pictures, photos and personal videos safely to anyone, by default the images you sent “self-destruct” in a matter of secs after receiving . Over time, many developers has designed various apps for saving snapchat pictures on android phone and ios

Well, with the help of this third party apps, users are now able to take screenshot of photos on Snapchat, but comes with an annoying notification, Well the good news today is, you no longer need to worry about those annoying notifications, as we’ll be considering how to Save Snapchat Pictures on Android without notifying others with SnapCapture app

How to Screenshot Snapchat without notification on Android & iOS with SnapCapture

  • The first thing you need to do is to download SnapCapture
  • NOTE: You can download here to help you screenshot snapchat story without notification.
  • Navigate to the app you just installed and Launch

How to save snapchat photos on ios without notification

  • Now Log in
  • For efficient result, log in with your the same user id and password you used for SnapChat

How to save snapchat photos on ios without notification

  • Now use the app to open any message, when you receive a new chat, use SnapCapture to open the image
  • NOTE : Do not LAUNCH Snapchat

save snapchat photos on android without notification

  • Now click on the “Download” button seen at the right comer of the title bar near “settings “

Screenshot Snapchat without notification

  • Finally open the folder named Snapcapture in your Gallery to see the downloaded images

Saving Snapchat story without notification has never being this easy, Cheers friends and don’t forget to share!!

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