How to Stop Glo Auto Renewal from deducting your credit

No doubt Glo provides her customers with cheap and affordable data plans, but there’s a catch, which has lead many to haunt for how to stop glo auto renewal , point is, the instant you subscribe to any of its data bundles, it automatically activate the Auto Renewal, wasting away your precious airtime even when you don’t feel like resubscribing

According to Glo, it noted that its ” HSI packages can be renewed automatically or manually when the subscription expires.” Automatic renewal can be set on any package via the Self Care Portal. To ensure successful automatic renewal of subscription, you need to make sure that sufficient credit is on your line by the date of renewal. The system will notify you of renewal date, prior to this date, by text. ”  

In many cases, one may intend using the airtime charged for an important call, but then what can the righteous do when it comes calling, though Glo has some really enticing data bundles, but you might have to watch your back the instant you subscribe, so how then can you stop glo auto renewal from eating up your airtime

How to Stop Glo Auto Renewal

How to Stop Glo Auto Renewal

You can easily stop glo auto-renewal on any plan you subscribed or opted for, and it has nothing to do with the type of device you use, with a few code, you can opt out from the service thereby securing your airtime from unexpected charged

  • Navigate to your phone message
  • Type CANCEL and send to 127
  • Immediately the message is sent
  • You will receive informing you have successfully canceled the auto renewal service,

Yes, its that simple!!! However, you can subscribe to any glo data plans by sending MENU to 127 in an SMS, or simply dial *777# and follow the on screen prompt to subscribe to any of the plans that suites you.

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