TCL to produce and sell Blackberry phones from now on

Blackberry and TCL yesterday announced a long term licencing agreement deal, that will see the Canadian Company officially gave up its phone manufacturing to the Chines TCL brand, you would recall few months ago, Blackberry announced it would stop production in order for it to focus strictly on software

What this basically means is that, henceforth TCL will be solely in charge of design, manufacture, sales and as well provide supports for any Blackberry phones made from now, in order words, it means the Canadian Company, Blackberry is no longer involved in the making of its devices

Although, Blackberry and TCl had before now joined hands, to manufacture two different smartphones, namely the DTEK50 and DTEK60, and if you’re wondering which company bears the TCL Brand, well its no other than the famous Alcatel

TCL To Manufacture And Sell Blackberry Devices

However, Blackberry will be charged with the device security license and service suite, and of course other related brand assets to TCL Communication”, According to the document made available, which goes thus :

“BlackBerry will continue to control and develop its security and software solutions, serve its customers and maintain trusted BlackBerry security software, while TCL Communication will manage all sales and distribution and serve as a global distributor of new BlackBerry-branded mobile devices along with dedicated sales teams”.

Though the licencing deal, gives Alcatel the “exclusive global manufacturer and distributor” rights for future Blackberry phones across the globe, it however doesn’t include four countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia

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Resons for the exclusion of those countries remains unknown, but then, if you aint in any of these countries, the next smartphone you see with the Canadian brands, is coming from Alcatel, which of course is a good one, considering the company has been into the manufacturing of various gadgets both electronics and smartphones

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