CES 2017 : 5 Weirdest Techy Gadget From the largest Tech show Opening

The opening ceremony of the largest Tech show for 2017 ( CES 2017 ) didn’t came to end without some weirdest unveiling, aside the flashing lights and the din of pinging slot machines, various tech companies tried convincing the world how important their gadgets is to our day-to-day activities

This year CES 2017 held in Las Vegas saw different technologists, marketers and great innovators showing off different products claiming to solve problems as well as makes lives easier, well how true their assertion is, only time will tell..

The annual conference this year draws over 170,000 tech lovers and innovators from around the world with the CES 2017 kick-off event for press, witnessing various wired items that begged the question: “If we really need them?” Some gadgets were a bit entertaining while others were just an upgrades to existing ones

5 Weirdest Techy Gadget from the largest Tech show Opening event

  • Kérastase Hair Coach

The Kérastase Hair Coach is a gadget powered by smart tech company Withings for goldilocks. the hairbrush connects to an app and is supposed to “improve hair health over time.”
Kérastase Hair CoachWith this, you can learn to “understand and improve brushing patterns” via a microphone that listens to your hair as it’s brushed, sensors, and a corresponding app that tells you how damaged or dry your hair is. lol however the brush is still in its developing stage

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  • LoveBox

The LoveBox is a device that displays messages sent through the compatible app. If the box has unread messages, a heart outside the box spins. interestingly the device is crafted from beech wood with a mirrored digital screen placed inside


Funny enough, the gadget will begins shipping in the U.S. in June and will be available for purchase for just $120

  • Catspad

Catspad widely called “smart pet assistant,” is an automated bowl that distributes filtered water and food. here’s how it works, two bowls are automatically fill with food and water when you tell them to


Interestingly you can schedule as well as monitor your cat’s meals via your phone app. Although its yet to be officially launch but it will on Kickstarter later this week, and will cost $199.

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  • Another wired gadget at the CES 2017 is the 42tea smart cube

The 42tea smart cube will tell you different types of tea best brewed at different temperatures, it also would be able to tell you how to mix your tea, for example it could tell you black tea requires hotter water than green or white ones 

CES 2017 42tea smart cube

Here’s how it works, Select your tea on the 42tea app and then place the cube in hot water. The app will alert you when it’s the right temperature to brew the selected tea.

  • Smarter FridgeCam

like seriously this is another funny gadget, and is most suitable for those who experienced sudden disappearance of your drinks, meat and fruits kept in the fridge, the company actually wants you to spend an extra $120 to safe guide it with their Smarter FridgeCam


Smarter’s FridgeCam is set inside the refrigerator and takes a photo of the contents before it closes, capturing that half full carton of milk or the Tabasco that you should have thrown out yesterday. You can view the photos on a compatible app

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