How to Fix WhatsApp not working on Blackberry BB10 phone

Has your Whatsapp stopped working on blackberry BB10 phone?? here’s how to fix it and make your Whatsapp work again on your device, although the permanent solution as we both know remains getting you either an Android phone or iOS device

You would recall, Whatsapp had earlier announced last year December as termination date to end support for Whatsapp running on older devices not excluding blackberry phones ( bb10 inclusive ), Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 devices, the company, however, shifted it to June 2017

However, despite the lingering suspension, most bb1o users kept sending in reports that they are unable to use whatsapp on their phone, while few others said they just saw the message but are still chatting and making use of the app.

Most users of BB10 devices woke up to realized Whatsapp had stopped working on their phone, even before the expected expiration date, well today happens to be your lucky day, here’s how to make Whatsapp work again on blackbbery bb10 phones so if you use one, kindly read on..

How to Fix WhatsApp not working on Blackberry BB10 phone

How to Fix WhatsApp not working on Blackberry BB10 phone

To get this fixed, All you need to do is a simple. Once you are unable to chat, just launch your “Blackberry World” and quickly update your WhatsApp application. immediately this is done, you should be able to continue using the app ( till June deadline thou )

Well its that simple friends, now you can continue using Whatsapp on your blackberry, but we advise you do the needful, get an Android phone or iOS device before the JUNE 2017 deadline.. You may check out full list and specs of most of our smartphones

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