The future of authentication: Synaptics multi-factor biometric for mobile

The Synaptics multi-factor biometric for mobile, combines fingerprint & facial recognition for secure logins on smartphones, the company has been the brain behind fingerprint scanner for smartphones over the years, despite having your thumb scanned before gaining access to your device, users still feels the need to further strengthen the way this is done thereby making it more difficult for unauthorized person to access your phone

Synaptics multi factor solution will combine both fingerprint sensor and facial recognition for secured smartphones login. According to the press release made availabe by the company on its site

The Synaptics multi-factor fusion engine combines authentication scores from multiple biometrics to determine verification. This increases overall system security as both fingerprint and facial factors have to meet minimum threshold requirements before authentication. In addition, the fusion engine improves usability as lower individual verification thresholds still result in greater security”

The company however partnered with KeyLemon, a leader in camera-based facial recognition and authentication, to enable it easily integrate secure facial biometrics with Natural ID fingerprint authentication.

“We are very excited to partner with industry leader Synaptics on a comprehensive solution that is secure and convenient,” said Gilles Florey, CEO, KeyLemon. “

Don’t be surprised when this finally becomes the new order, Although you don’t have necessarily activate both biometric authentication method, however doing so is likely going to further secure your smartphone at least a little more than it was before.

Interestingly, the new tech is done in such a way that it allows you to decide whether you want to use one or both ( fingerprint & facial recognition ) of the biometric authentication login features at the same time

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