Google Instant Tethering to hit android, a faster way to share connection

Google has announced a new feature coming to the Android platform called ” Instant Tethering ” which will allow users share internet connection between devices connected to your Google Account

Of course the tethering feature has been available on most android powered smartphones for a while, allowing you share your phone mobile data connection via WIFI- Hotspot with other gadgets, including tablets, laptops , pda among several other wifi enabled device, however requires you to set up your hotspot, and connect other gadgets to it manually

Well Google is saying enough of the manual process, and is set to roll out a more faster way to connect, according to Android Police,  Google instant tethering will enable any devices connected to your Google account to share its mobile data connection or search for data connections on other devices

Google instant tethering

In other words, should the device connected to your mobile data loss connection, it then automatically search for your phone, send a signal to turn on tethering, and share the network connection.. this new feature is expected to roll out alongside latest Google Play Services 10.2 update, and of course its already being rolled out for some Nexus and Pixel smartphones users before the global launch

Although, Google instant tethering seems to be a feature targeted at android users at the moment, but most likely to be rolled out for Chromebooks in the nearest future since the latest builds of Chrome OS comes with an Android subsystem. However Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop users might need to pray and wait cause no information at the moment if Google plans to make it available for them..

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