Nairaforsms, the best bulk sms site in Nigeria for 2016

Nairaforsms is no doubt one of the best bulk sms sites in Nigeria, not alone does it offer cheap and affordable sms charges/rate, it also offers fast sms delivery and of course easy-to-use and funds, 2016 was one of the few years I actually ventured into the bulk sms ish, and believe me I did tried several others so called cheap bulk sms sites in Nigeria, only to be disappointed

There was this particular one its price enticed me to sign up for, it claimed to offer #1/sms unit, as against #2/sms unit charged by Nairaforsms and of course it did offered a unit at that amount, but then the unbelievable happened

My experience with another bulk sms service provider in Nigeria ( Name withheld )

I was charged 2.7unit per sms, against 1unit per sms charges/rate on the former bulk message platform, well what most of us failed to understand is this, Many of the bulk sms sites in Nigeria that offered ridiculous rate end up milking you from another angle, in the end you pay more.

A quick illustration, Lets Assume on Nairaforsms you bought 500sms units, which would cost you #1000 (N2 X 500units ) While on Site B, You bought 1000sms units, cost #1,000 lets say they charge you #1/unit ( N1 X 1000)

When you send A 160words sms, You get charged just 1unit on Nairaforsms, while on the platform you thought you had 1000units, you get charged 2.7unit for a single sms.

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Now lets do the math

  • 1000units at 2.7 unit per will give you  = 370 sms slots
  • 500unit at 1 unit per will give you = 500 sms slots

Now you see how you are being unknowingly cheated all in the name of cheap bulk sms site

Nairaforsms best bulk sms sites in Nigeria

8 Key Reasons Why You Should use Nairaforsms for Bulk sms in Nigeria

  1. It is reliable
  2. Very Affordable
  3. Fast sms delivery
  4. No hidden Exorbitant Charges
  5. 1 sms credit=1 sms message (160 characters)
  6. Sms credits do not expire
  7. You can easily pay online using your ATM
  8. Instant credit of sms unit to your acct after payment

I can go on and on, but let me stop here, so for those of you searching for the best, cheap and affordable bulk sms service provider in Nigeria for 2017, Now you know, your best bet.. Visit here to sign up and don’t forget to share your experience!

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