Opera Neon new web browser concept might just be the best afterall

Gone are those days of Opera web or mobile browsers, well the maker has decided to launch a new modem web browser concept called Opera Neon with a brilliantly redesigned smooth user interface, though you might have been stock with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser but the new opera web concept might just sweep you off your feet

Interestingly, Opera neon comes with a new multi-media layout design to better improve search and multitasking, with the new concept you should expect much fluidity and a minimalist UI, also you get to see your desktop wallpaper as a transparent background while using the browser

opera neon

Credits : liliputing

Notable features of Opera neon over other browsers

  • The new web browser comes with a sidebar that slides out from left and can be used to display other apps such as video player, download manager, and image gallery.
  • Another thing worth pointing out includes the new location of tabs, which has been moved from the usual top to the right side of the screen
  • It also comes with a pop-up video player that allow you watch videos even while visiting a web page.
  • Need i mention the split-screen mode that let users easily view two pages at once
  • Upon launching the app, the start page automatically set your current desktop background image and displays a search bar and shortcuts
  • And of course it comes with a tool to crop and instantly save web pages to your gallery
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Where to download the new browser concept by opera

Am sure most of you cant wait to get it installed on your pc, well you can download opera neon here for Windows, while Mac users are to refer to Opera’s website.  Although it remains unknown if the company would replace its normal browser with this, but then it is worth trying out

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