Stark VPN Etisalat 60mb, Glo Free Browsing Cheat for Android 2017

Recalled the last time we published on Glo unlimited free browsing and Etisalat 60mb free browsing was with Stark VPN  and of course is still blazing, but today we’ll give you the settings and how to set up or configure stark vpn for free browsing on android phone for 2017

For a while now, Glo cheat has been around, working and blazing real hot, despite showing the isp how best to get it resolved, they have since then failed to, most likely cause of their poor network coverage, but then that’s not where we are heading today..

As earlier stated, if you are lucky enough to get a more stable Glo 3G Network, the Glo free browsing cheat is unlimited, works flawlessly with Stark VPN, meaning it can be used to download large files, stream online videos, and works 24/7 only if you are opportune to enjoy a decent network coverage..

However, the etisalat 60mb cheat just as the name implies, is limited and can only take you as far as 60mb would, and of course its valid for just 24hrs, this as well could be the reason why the Arab company has decided to let it be, but then, when are we going to see something like mtn cheat ?? well maybe you can try this MTN 2GB For 500 Naira Double Data Bonus tweak with latest IMEI Numbers 

Of course, the Glo unlimited browsing and Etisalat 6omb free browsing settings published sometimes ago still works fine with Stark VPN V2.3, but there’s a need to get you updated on recent happenings, as well as how it works and how to configure with your android phone in 2017, although you can use with xp psiphon, or even the popular psiphon handler but recently we have discovered this to be the best and fastest.. without any further ado, where then can you download it from ??

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Where to download Stark VPN Apk

Yes…  i know you are keen, that’s why we’ll try to make this brief, head here to download

Etisalat 60mb cheat & Glo free browsing settings for Stark VPN

First and foremost, you need an android phone, and of course your Glo or Etisalat line with 0.00 balance, most importantly you need a very fast and stable Glo 3G Network, and finally you need to download Stark VPN from the link above then move to settings, having certified all this requirement, you may then proceed to the settings..


  • Name: Geeksng
  • APN: ntel
  • APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
  • Proxy: leave it blank
  • Port: leave it blank
  • Username and password: leave it empty

PS : For etisalat use your default apn

After configuring the APN, launch your Stark VPN application and use the settings below.

  • In the first box, select any Region of your choice.
  • In the second box called Tweaks, select “Glo” or  ” Etisalat ” depending on the network of your chosen

Stark VPN Etisalat 60mb, Glo Free Browsing Cheat for Android 2017

  • Now, tap the “RED” button, and wait for the VPN to connect.

It should connect within 10 seconds.. Now launch any of your browser and start browsing, i want to believe you shouldn’t be faced with any issues on the Glo unlimited browsing cheat for 2017 or the Etisalat 60mb free browsing, but in case you met with one or two challenges, kindly use the comment box…..

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