Download Stark VPN V3.0 with etisalat chatpak browsing settings

The latest Stark VPN V3.0 now comes with etisalat chatpak free browsing settings, recalled etisalat has been working on android freely for sometimes, even with cheat, interestingly, the new version also comes with glo browsing settings as well as mtn

With the latest version of stark vpn, you no longer need to bother yourself about the etisalat chatpak browsing settings, nor glo settings, all has already been taken care off by the developer, all you need do is download, install, subscribe to the chatpak plan and fire on..

Download Stark VPN V3.0

How to set up Stark vpn v3.0 for etisalat chatpak browsing

  • Ensure you are on Easy cliq, if not migrate now by dialing *244*1#
  • Now you need to activate any of the etisalat chatpak plan, dial *200*3*3*1*2*1# for the weekly plan
  • Thereafter, head straight to Google play store to download the latest Stark vpn v3.0
  • Install and launch
  • Now click on location and chose ” Auto select location “
  • You may now click on tweaks, and select your proffered tweak settings, in this case ( ChatPak )
  • lastly punch the red button to fire on and wait few secs for it to connect

Although there have been rumors that the etisalat chatpak browsing with Stark vpn v3.0 seems not unlimited has earlier published, however there’s no crime trying..

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