Dubai to launch Ehang 184, the world’s first self-flying taxi

When innovations meet demands, it sure gives birth to great achievements, meet Ehang 184, the world first ever flying taxi expected to launch July in Dubai this year..

Of course you need not to be told Dubai is one of the world greatest tourist center, with vast development bringing forth various transportation challenges, imagine having this kind of flying car painted into a taxi in cities like Lagos, where transportation challenges is on its peak..

Over time, Transportation planners has been battling with series of problems, and several steps has been taken in other to cussing the effects, recalled last week, mobility arena reported plans are on their for the release of some flying cars, well i perceive those engineers who thought of the Ehang 184 must have faced such, cause with great problem comes deep thinking…

The Chinese made self-flying drone was abducted by the Dubai government and has concluded plans to launch it as a taxi service, starting July this year. according to reports, the taxi can only carry just one passenger over short distance

Ehang 184

Although, one may say plans might be on way to further improve on the carrying capacity of the taxi, but the Ehang 184 also has enough space to fit in a small suitcase, and can travel at about the speed of 62 mph for 30 minutes on a full charge, wondering if it has been tested ? well reports says it has undergone 100 successfully manned test flights and has been approved safe to use..

It might interest you to know that Ehang 184 is being controlled remotely from the ground, and is powered by 4G mobile internet, in other words, no stable 4G Connection, no driving.. the flying taxi might just not be ripe enough for developing countries like ours, but then, maybe vision 2100.. Why not cool of with Dream League Soccer 2017 Apk For Android


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