Hide My Ass Review: An Examination of the Quality of AVG’s VPN Software

AVG, the maker of the ever-popular anti-virus program used by thousands to protect their desktop computers, tablets, and laptops, has also designed the VPN Software program called, “ Hide My Ass !” The makers of the program promise that your investment in the program will allow you to access the sites you want to, even those that are censored.

This program, on the surface, seems impress, and it has been featured by Forbes, the guardian, Bloomberg View, and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). But, what about the fine print? What does this VPN offer the computer user looking for online protection and privacy? Let’s explore that question right now.

What the Program Does

When you see just one Hide My Ass, you’ll soon discover that many reviews follow, all of which come to the same or similar conclusion: Hide My Ass is a VPN of exceptional quality and value, even despite the tongue in cheek vulgarity used for naming the program. Basically, the simplest definition of a VPN is that it lets you, the user, make use of online access as if you have a secure private network. The program encrypts personal data and your information. The encrypted materials move through special servers, and this allows you to surf the World Wide Web anonymously without revealing your IP address, address, identity and viewing activity.

Is it Affordable?

AVG prides itself on making its programs affordable. The company offers three subscription plans to choose from, with the yearly option allowing you to pay the least amount of money each month. VPN plans are available for multiple accounts and businesses as well, but you must contact the company for a quote. The subscription fees are:

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  • Monthly $11.52
  • Six months $49.99 /$8.33 per month /28% savings
  • Twelve months $78.66/$6.55 permonth/43% savings

The minute you make your payment you can download Hide My Ass! Install it on your PC, and start using it.


hide my ass avg vpn sofware review

With the Hide My Ass program you can surf the Net anonymously no matter how you access it. It does not matter what mode you rely on to get online; the program will encrypt all connections you make so your private details remain secure for the duration of your surf session. The program works with devices featuring the iOS, Android, Windows, or MAC operating systems. The application is available in range of languages as well, with all devices featuring English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Turkish, and the Android devices featuring additional languages like Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, and Korean.


Hide My Ass! Is exceptional. The prices are decent, the application has faster speeds because it makes use of speed testing technologies, and the ability to create favorite lists for accessing some of your favorite content quickly so it offers a customizable experience.

Now you can feel safe even when using pubic Wi-Fi or when accessing your banking information. You have more than 190 countries, over 350 locations, and more than 120,000 IP addresses to choose from that will work with the VPN so you can bypass online censorship issues with incredible ease. Overall, AVG’s Hide My Ass! Is a top-notch VPN application

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