How To Get Etisalat 1GB Data Via IMEI Tweaking Free On Phone & PC

Where’re all the etisalat users , there’s a new step to get free 1GB data on etisalat when you tweak imei number given below, the etisalat free 1GB works only via imei tweaking and is usable on phone as well as pc, so for those who may have been asking how to get theirs, kindly follow the steps am about to show you

It would interest you to know how to get etisalat free 1gb data imei tweak, you can read on, it works on all internet enabled devices for 2017, not excluding java users, Symbian phones if you still have one, Blackberry and pc, It also works for both old and New Etisalat subscribers so the issue of eligibility has been taken care off .

Without any further delay, a quick look at some valid Etisalat 1GB IMEI Numbers for 2017..



  • 359838075475063
  • 359838075475009
  • 359838075475238
  • 359838075475000
  • 359838075475671
  • 359838075475053
  • 359838075475046
  • 359838075475065
  • 359838075475020
  • 359838075475011
  • 359838075475905
  • 359838075475993
  • 359838075475986
  • 359838075475971
  • 359838075475937
  • 359838075475954
  • 359838075475947
  • 359838075475903
  • 359838075475921
  • 359838075475962 see more here

How to get Etisalat 1GB data for 2017 via IMEI tweaking

  1. Few things are required here, 1) Must be running mtk device to tweak your imei, 2 ) download and install imei analyser and mtk engineering mode from playstore.
  2. Now tweak any of the above listed IMEIs, then analyis to confirm if its valid
  3. Thereafter change your phone imei to the one you tweaked
  4. Using an infinix phone ?? see how to change infinix hot 4, hot s or note 2 imei without rooting
  5. After that, dial this code *8186*092840413028038#
  6. You can dial it as many 10 to 20 times.
  7. Then you should receive a congratulatory message that goes thus

Congratulations! Your free 1GB data has been successfully activated, data is valid till 11/03/17.


Qus: Is it possible to get more than 1gb data from etisalat via tweaking ?
Reply : of course, you can as well accumulate and get more than 1gb by simply repeating the same steps .

Qus : What if i wasn’t given the free data ??

Reply : its simple, tweak another imei number, and try again..

You may as well tweak this

  • Imei: 354110082967240 ” Change the last 4 digits.
  • Then dial *8186* 877653860576068# after tweaking

As rightly stated above, the etisalat free 1gb data can only be gotten when you tweak any of the imei numbers above, however you need to analyze the IMEI carefully, and tweak again should you encounter any can also see how you can change Android 6.0 imei.. Cheers and don’t forget to share!!!

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