Nokia 3310 2017 edition along side Nokia 3,5 & 6 to be released soon

recalled those days when only the rich could afford Nokia 3310, where were the likes of Vernee Apollo 2 or probably Huawei P10 Plus to impress us with their huge ram, well fast forward to 2017, Nokia wants you all to get ready for a massive come back with its newly designed 2017 edition of Nokia 3310 expected to be announced later this month at this year 2017 Mobile World Congress

If you haven’t forgotten, Nokia recently announced its series of phones slated for this year, among which the Nokia 6 was released on pre sale, only for to break order withing few secs.. yes, the company has been reported to be working on unveiling a whole new addition, comprising Nokia 3 and as well Nokia 5

Nokia 3310 2017 edition

Not actual device image

Although, much information has not been released regarding the phone, but sources suggest it to be a feature phone expected to be sold for €59. the Nokia 6 on the other hand is expected to hit the European market with a price of about €249 before making its way globally

For now, we can only assume Nokia 3310 2017 edition would meet the demand, but not to also forget that Nokia 150 dual sim sold massively when it was launched

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