Seen the legendary Nokia 3310 ( 2017 ) Edition Pictures ? check it out now

The Nokia 3310 has left many phone users with doubts, many others wondering what the 2017 edition is likely to look like, good news, it appeared a picture of the device has been thrown online with enticing video teaser to prepare the minds of her customer

If you haven’t forgotten, the 2017 Edition of the Nokia 3310 is expected to make an official appearance at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) slatted for 26th of February, and has been said to be a budget phone with price about €59 , although Nokia parent company, HMD is yet to make any official pronouncement regarding the phone, but sources believed picture below to be most anticipated device

You might want to take this as a pinch of salt, cause the information isnt coming from the parent company, but in a matter of days, we’ll finally get to know how the most anticipated legendary phone would looks like..

Nokia 3310 ( 2017 )

Don’t forget, the device is expected to launch along side Nokia 6, 5 and 3, Why not feed your eyes with another video teaser of Nokia 3310 created by some folks at Concept Creator, but on a serious note, what are your expectations from the yet to be launch 2017 edition 3310

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